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Interconnect Healthcare is a Victorian based healthcare organisation supporting individuals and businesses to achieve their healthcare goals. 

We operate family medical clinics throughout Victoria, in addition to leading Respiratory Clinics; undertaking full face-to-face respiratory assessments including respiratory virus PCR testing for COVID- 19, and Priority Primary Care Centres; supporting the Monash Medical centre and Austin Hospital in providing urgent care for non-life threatening conditions.

Our Employee Health & Well Being programs enhance protection of your team and maximise productivity with our leading corporate health solutions provided by highly experienced General Practitioners and Nursing staff.

We provide tailored, strategic and operational solutions to support your medical business to thrive. We will undertake a business review to maximise income and position your medical practice to grow sustainably. 

We have a considerable amount of experience in high level business strategy as well as hands on operational experience that enables us to provide you with practical solutions that can be implemented by your team. 

Our services include: ​​

Approved VAPP provider for on-site COVID and flu vaccination clinics at schools, businesses and organisations. (approved for Pfizer, 5-11 Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca & Novavax)

• On site COVID testing

• On site heart health checks

• Medical business health check, consulting and management

• Employee health & well-being programs

About Us
Current Projects


School COVID / Flu Vaccinations


Interconnect Healthcare has partnered with over 50 leading Australian primary and secondary schools; establishing convenient on-site vaccination clinics to deliver COVID and Flu vaccination services to staff, students and school families. All vaccinations are administered by registered immunisation nurses and are automatically linked with the Australian Immunisation Register (AIM) for easy future reference. Contact Us for further details.

Person Getting Vaccinated
Corporate / Flu Vaccinations


Interconnect Healthcare is currently running Flu vaccination clinics in office towers and corporate head offices nationally, partnering with leading property managers, and organisations to provide employees with convenient onsite flu vaccinations. With health authorities predicting 2022 to be the first real influenza season in three years, employees are being encouraged to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their co-workers. Contact Us for further details.

COVID Boosters


Looking to book a COVID booster, or require on-site COVID testing ? Interconnect Healthcare is an approved VAPP provider for on-site COVID and flu vaccination clinics at schools, businesses and organisations. We are approved for Pfizer, 5-11 Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca & Novavax). Visit our Contact us page to make a booking.

Checking Blood Pressure
Healthy Heart Checks


Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in Australia.  Ever wondered about the best way to get insights into your heart's well-being?

Interconnect Imaging provides a fast and efficient Cardiac Calcium Scoring test.

This cutting-edge test gives you a peek into your coronary arteries, helping you understand your risk of heart disease.  Enquire here >

Male Doctor
Skin Checks


Australians lead the world in incidences of skin cancer. With a large proportion of our ancestry from less sunny climates, a lack of protective pigmentation leaves skin cells vulnerable to exposure to UV radiation. About 95% of skin cancers are treatable if found early. We offer comprehensive skin checks using dermatoscopy in the diagnosis and therapy of skin lesions and diseases, such as melanoma. Visit our Contact us page to make an enquiry.



Trusted by Australia's leading schools and organisations


Interconnect Healthcare collaborates with corporate clients and educational institutions nationally, for the provision of executive health services, heart health checks and COVID and flu vaccination services.

In partnerships with the GPT Group we provide corporate health and vaccination services to GPT Office Tower tenants, employees and customers nationally.

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476 Blackburn Road

Glen Waverley VIC 3150


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